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Since its foundation in 1956, B.I.C. carpets provides a tailored, individual service and offers quality, flexibility and top value for its customers worldwide. Our carpets can be found all around the globe, from embassies, hotels, executive offices and luxury yachts, to the most exclusive residences.

Wilton weaving is one of most traditional ways of making durable luxury carpets on machine driven looms. Based in Belgium, the center of the textile business, we serve many clients in Europe through an extensive network of agents, importers and selected dealers.

B.I.C. Carpets is internationally renowned for creating refined, high quality carpets in the world of custom Wilton weaving. Our carpets have been rewarded with numerous prizes for their outstanding creativity, innovation and know how.

At B.I.C. carpets we keep our finger on the pulse of the ever changing residential and contract interior world. This way we are able to create carpets that adapt to evolving needs, as we are well aware of the impact that design and colour can have on the entire look and feel of your environment.

handtufted luxury carpets made in europe handmade tufting luxury interior design

Next to wilton woven luxury carpets, BIC Carpets offers handtufted rugs, made upon request. If you want to create an unique carpet for your interior project, BIC Carpets is your perfect partner in crime.

A modern approach to the tapestry arts, handtufting results in a high quality rug of excellent appearance and touch. Versatile on design and finishing choices, it is often the solution for interior designers and decorators to embellish the floor of their projects.

Choose your design, pattern, motif, style, composition, shape, colour, feeling and we will make your carpet to measure. All kinds of textures, such as differents in height by shearing, cutpile vs looppile and carving can be applied.

“In handtuft there are no mistakes, only unique creations.”

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Our mission?
“We take your interior project to the next level through meaningful design that also meets the environmental statements.”


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BIC Carpets Aircraft Division has been manufacturing aircraft carpets for over 40 years for civil and commercial aviation. 
With different looms available, we can produce a wide range of high quality aircraft carpets.

The aircraft products are developed with special attention to durability, design and color to ensure a top quality carpet. We made the carpet stronger without increasing the total weight of the product.

BIC Classic Car Carpets

Looking for automotive upholstery to restore your classic car, while respecting the authentic?

The wilton woven BIC classic car carpets provide the answer.
The Classic Car German square weave carpets from BIC are made according to the classic wilton weaving method


Did you know, that if we continue to live and waste like this, by 2050 there will be more pollution in the ocean than fish?
We’re all responsible for taking care of the environment, for ourselves and for the upcoming generations.

Vlerick group

Vlerick Group is a Belgian family-owned diversified group active across selected industries and selected geographies, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India, China and the United States.

The group is sub-divided into 4 main pillars

1) Industrial activities
2) Participations in stock-listed enterprises
3) Private Equity
4) Real Estate


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