BIC Iconic Stone

Did you know BIC was founded 65 years ago?
Andthat our Stone collection was brought to live more than 45 years ago? Iconic & craftmanship are the 2 words that come to mind instantly, don’t you agree?

In 2020, BIC carpets released a new color for the luxury stone collection: we welcome color carrara.

The story began in 1976 when Lucien Vlerick, the president of B.I.C.-Carpets at the time, was struck by the magic of the cobble stoned streets in the Greek Archipelago islands. These soft-hued, gently-rounded uneven stones later became the inspiration for an icon in the flooring world: the B.I.C. STONE carpet.

Wilton weaving is one of most traditional ways of making durable luxury carpets on machine driven looms.