BIC in-house design team

One thing is sure: here at BIC, we all love interior design! With a passion for textile, each member of our team contributes to finding the right balance between design, touch and colors within every new design. By following trends and listening to the desires of our customers, we want to create the carpet of your dreams.

Esther Van Schuylenbergh is a designer with a Master’s degree in Textile Design from the School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. After her graduation in 2014, she worked as a textile designer for a Belgian wall-covering company until setting up her own Ghent-based design studio in 2016.

In her studio she develops woven textiles suitable for interior design applications on her handloom, striving to push the boundaries of the weaving technique and exploring the possibilities of yarn and construction to create innovative structures.

Lindsey Michiels is sales & marketing manager for BIC Carpets. She will welcome you in our showroom or at our booth on an exhibition. Or, off course, a meeting in your local distribution point. Through trendwatching & networking, she puts the human touch in BIC’s customer experience and is a source of inspiration in creating new collections & designs. Every now and then, she plays around with the color poms or takes a pencil in her hand herself, although drawing isn’t her finest skill.

“For me, good design means more than functionality and aesthetics. At BIC, our mission is to take your interior project to the next level through meaningful design that also meets the environmental statements”

As member of the 3rd generation in a row, Cátia Ferreira is a born specialist in the unique handtuft technique. Technical details, possibilities, color advice, you name it, and she knows it.

“I have always been fascinated by the beauty of materials and by the way yarns, structures and colors can develop into a beautiful bespoke rug.”

Do you have a source of inspiration and are you looking for a way to turn this idea into a bespoke handtufted rug? Get in touch, we’d love to hear all about it. With many years of experience in craftmanship, Cátia will assist you in every possible way.

Helena Linhares is a young industrial and graphic designer with a passion for interior design. Creating rug simulations & turning ideas into interior design objects are some of her key goals. Next to that, she creates her own design proposals to show the extensive possibilities in handtuft.

“I sincerely believe a handtufted rug can be the centerpiece of any interior design project .”