Cleaning & maintenance of your BIC luxury carpet

Carpets and rugs bearing the B.I.C.-Carpets label make a statement about your sense of style and value. And whether you choose a carpet for its quality, durability or beauty, you can maintain its hard-wearing, long lasting good looks by remembering to:

Vacuum regularly

Remove spills immediately

To protect your carpet from the B.I.C.-Carpets collection, it’s very important to do a periodic maintenance. In this way you’ll keep your carpet in good shape. The life of your carpet will increase significally by cleaning your carpet at regular intervals.

Prevention & maintenance

  • Periodically clean traffic lanes and in front of frequently used chairs with an absorbent powder.
  • Place absorbent mats at entrances to your home; change or wash when dirty.
  • Regularly change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Do not apply stain repellent treatments containing any silicone, because they tend to accelerate carpet soiling

Vacuum regularly
To preserve your carpets beauty and appearance for a long time, we recommend that you vacuum the whole carpet area at least twice a week. We recommend a vacuum cleaner without rotating brushes.

Spot & stain removal

Always remember: speed is of the essence

  • Blot up liquids with a paper towel or absorbent cloth.
    Scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon.
  • Treat the spot with a spot removal agent which
    -is suitable for wool
    -is pH neutral
    -is explicitly recommended for cleaning carpets and rugs
    -leaves no sticky residue
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using commercial products.
  • Use a light, colourfast cotton cloth for the treatment of spots. 
  • Always work from the outer edge towards the centre to prevent spreading. Use only small quantities of spot removal agent. It’s a good idea to replace the cotton cloth assoon as it is soiled.
  • Carefully rinse the area with clean water and a sponge after having cleaned it.
  • Do not soak the carpet pile.
  • Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with clean towel.
  • If necessary, always brush cut pile carpets in the direction of the pile.

Please do not use household cleaners such as soft soap, neutral soap, ammonia solution, turpentine, benzine or spot removal agents which are only recommended for textiles.

In-depth cleaning methods:

Wet shampoo
It is important to use a neutral shampo. To check proprietary carpet shampoos, leave a bit in a saucer overnight, pour off excess and allow to dry to see if it leaves a sticky residue to which house dust could cling.

If you use a shampooing machine, follow the instructions carefully. Remove the furniture from the room and vacuum thoroughly before shampooing. Allow to dry overnight before vacuuming and putting the furniture back in place. It’s important not to allow the carpet to get too wet.

Absorbent powder
Always check the manufacturer’s instructions. There are cleaning powders available which are either solvent-saturated or detergent-saturated. After vacuuming, the powder is sprinkled on the carpet, brushed into the pile and then vacuumed out. It is not necessary to remove all the powder from the pile as it can help minimize future soiling. The powder method is an easy way of freshening up a carpet. It also distorts the pile less and, because the carpet is not wet, the room is ready for use in less time.

Aerosol foam shampoo
Again, please always check the manufacturer’s instructions For light cleaning of small areas, aerosol foam shampoos can be used. It is advisable to test the shampoo first for sticky residue which may attract dust. Foam is usually sprayed sparingly on the carpet and worked into the pile with a moistened sponge or brush. After the carpet is dry, please vacuum.

Spray injection-extraction
With this method, the carpet pile can be injected with a hot water and detergent solution under pressure so that the soil is suspended in the water which is extracted almost at once by a high suction, wet vacuum system. This method is particularly useful for very dirty carpets as it removes deep-seeded dirt, but it’s less interesting to clean the surface in comparison to other methods. Although a machine can be rented, it is best to have this type of cleaning done by a professional cleaner for a long lasting carpet.

Factory cleaning
Professional factory cleaning is always a good choice because all the dirt can be effectively removed. Check the availibities in your country & always inform them about the material of the carpet (wool, polyester, nylon or lyocell), which is noted on the label on the back of your carpet.

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