Create your unique carpet

The B.I.C. Designbook

In the world of interior design, individuality and personal expression reign supreme. With our innovative approach, we offer you the opportunity to take your interior decor to a whole new level, where you become the designer, and your space becomes the canvas.

Imagine flipping through our design book, brimming with a diverse range of captivating patterns and designs. Each page holds the potential to transform your space. 

Colors are the palette with which you’ll paint your design masterpiece.

Whether you choose soothing pastel shades to create a serene atmosphere or vibrant hues to add energy, the choice is yours. Our color spectrum is as limitless as your imagination, so you can match your rug perfectly with your existing décor or make it stand out as a standout piece.

But that’s not all – the choice of materials adds another layer to your creation. Delve into textures ranging from wool to lyocell and more. Let your rug be not only pleasing to the eye, but also a treat for your feet, with a tactile experience tailored to your preference.

As you bring your design to life, you will find that the creation is a journey of self-expression, leading to a rug that is as much a reflection of your personality as it is a functional work of art.

Your space deserves to tell your story, and our designs ensure that each room becomes a chapter in your story. 

Getting started yourself with the design book

With our design book as a guide, the possibilities are limitless
and the end result is a unique rug that is not only part of your space,
but also yours.