Handtuft put into practice

At BIC Carpets, we believe a rug can transform and bring any space to life. Our experienced inhouse design team will work closely with you to create a bespoke handtufted carpet that is just for you. Designing a completely new rug is a very involved process and so we ask you to get in touch from the very start of your project. Discover our custom design process below.

step 1: design consultation

The first step of the custom design process is the most important and arguably the most exciting. Think about what inspires you, and which color palette you’d like. Furthermore, the choice of material will matter to. Wool, fine wool, lyocell, or just a combination of them? And would you like a 3D effect? The possibilities are endless. If you need some advice, reach out, we’re happy to assist.

step 2: request your render

Contact us by sales@bic-carpets.be or through your known
B.I.C. Carpets contact person. We will send you the requested render within 5 working days.

step 3: approval of the render

After receipt of the first proposal, you can require amendments or send us your approval. Once you are happy with the artwork, we finalize the designs to be sent to our production team. Please note that handtufted rugs are always produced upon order and have a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks.

step 4: artwork creation

Your unique design is brought to life using traditional handcrafting techniques. From spinning the wool, to tufting, to carving and off course the finishing: everything is done by hand. These traditional techniques mean every rug has its own uniqueness and is of the highest quality.

step 5: congratulations, you receive your unique handtufted rug.

Please unroll the carpet within 1 week of receipt to avoid bowing and read the inclosed cleaning & maintenance instructions. You can always find them back here as well. Enjoy!