Holden – Harbor – Haven

Have you ever thought about how your home or company tells a story?
That story shows your identity. The way it’s designed, the shapes & colors that are used, they are a reflection of who you are.

Embracing our earthly home

A luxury carpet photographed on the beach, near the ocean? YES! Meet with us our new Holden, Harbor & Haven,

Did you know, that if we continue to live and waste like this, by 2050 there will be more pollution in the ocean than fish? At B.I.C.-Carpets we strive to meet the environmental regulations that protect the health and safety of our planet.

We chose to take our pictures in their natural habitat, as these rugs are created with eco-friendly yarns, made of recycled fishing nets and other waste materials. These cradle to cradle carpets are part of a renewed eco-responsible mindset, so to keep this planet a safe haven for this generation and the others to come.

In addition, its innovative yarn feels silky soft like feet gliding away in warm sand on a sunny beach.

Looking for more reasons to buy a luxury carpet made with regenerated nylon?
We’ll give you 6 !

product made with Econyl
An eco-friendly carpet without any restrictions towards beauty & design

8 natural colors
Every color represents an element from the shore…Let’s bring nature into your home

Made in Belgium
Belgian production equals
excellent quality and a fast delivery.

unique softness
The innovative yarn feels silke soft like feet gliding away in warm sand on a sunny beach

finished or broadloom
organic, square, round, rectangular,the choice is yours!

maintenance friendly
A stain resistant yarn and easy cleaning treatment means childproof and sustainability

Are you eager to design with us a safe harbor for the future of our environment and all of mankind?




The softness of the yarn of these qualities make you walk on happy (bare) feet, like touching the sweetness of seaweed on solid rocks. This carpet increases the air quality, just like breathing the open air at the beach. It decreases the noise level in your place, just like hearing the tender rolling of the waves.

On average, studies show that people spend up to 90% of their time indoor. The wellbeing of the employees in your company, or the guests in your hotel, or wherever you and yours may often be … can be highly influenced by taking the right decisions in an early stage of the design process.

Colors are the smiles of nature

For our three qualities: Holden, Harbor and Haven, we have chosen 8 natural colors that bring a sea breeze into your home. All color names refer to elements that can be found at the shore.

When we were still kids, we all collected once shells at the beach, we played with seaweed, or climbed the rocks. Even as grown ups, many of us enjoy the long walks on the beach to take a breath of fresh air, to recharge, to dream about life …

Next time you walk on the beach, we hope you think of us, and remember we want to give you this feeling at home.

With your own Holden, Harbor or Haven carpet you make this possible. Bring this fresh sea wave into your house, enjoying these gentle quality moments by yourself or with your loved ones. Meanwhile, you spread the love and recovery for a renewed environment.

This is our message in a bottle to our environment

How can we produce as eco-friendly as possible? Well, …
Cradle to cradle stands for designing and producing of all kinds of material in such a way, that at the end of the product lifecycle, the material can be 100% recycled.

This also means that waste can be seen as an eternal resource. What it basically comes down to is to create a way of imitating nature, where everything gets either recycled or given back to nature. This can be in a direct or indirect way.

This process ought to be completely safe and without use of toxics. In this way we can say that these carpets are cradle to cradle manufactured.

Our mission? We take your interiorproject to the next level through meaningful design that also meets the environmental statements.