New BIC collection Miro

We aim to take your interior project to the next level through meaningful design that also meets the environmental statements.

Did you know, that if we continue to live and waste like this, by 2050, there will be more pollution in the ocean than fish?
Time to take action!
At BIC Carpets we strive to meet the environmental regulations that protect the health and safety of our planet.

The MIRO carpets are part of a renewed eco-responsible mindset, so to keep this planet a safe haven for this generation and the others to come.
In addition, the perfect blend of wool and cotton feels gentle on the feet and completes your interior project with an element of warmth.

Available colors MIRO collection

3810 silver

5212 terracotta

1870 white

3840 aqua

1547 storm grey

3890 champagne

1750 warm grey

1610 almond

Wool & Cotton: a perfect blend

Wool is 100% natural raw material grown year-round by millions of sheeps, consuming a simple blend of grass, water, air and sunshine. Next tot that, it’s a completely renewable fibre resource as sheep produce a new fleece each year.

Made from the cotton plant, cotton is a renewable & eco-friendly natural product which is simple to produce and incredibly versatile. Cotton fibres are soft, strong and hold dyes very effectively.

Cotton rugs are extremely comfortable and bring a great feel and warmth to your interior project. They are suitable for any residential area.