BIC materials of choice

What is wool? BIC collections: Atrar – Chelha – Isul – Stone – Tosh – Queen – Royal – Parker – Gradient Fine wool – Fly Wool as a natural fibre can withstand pressure, has a beautiful aesthetic and excellent appearance retention properties. It is also incredibly long-lasting in case of good maintenance, making it […]

Cleaning & maintenance of your BIC luxury carpet

Carpets and rugs bearing the B.I.C.-Carpets label make a statement about your sense of style and value. And whether you choose a carpet for its quality, durability or beauty, you can maintain its hard-wearing, long lasting good looks by remembering to: Vacuum regularly Remove spills immediately To protect your carpet from the B.I.C.-Carpets collection, it’s very important […]

Designbook by BIC Carpets

The Designbook by B.I.C. Carpets is a contemporary and inspiring array of designs for anyone with a passion for interior and tapestry. On the one hand, it aims to show the extensive creative possibilities of our manual hand tuft collection to be a source of inspiration to architects and interior designers. On the other hand, […]

The benefits of wool

Wool is a natural and renewable resource. Discover more benefits below.collections: Atrar, Chelha, Flow, Fly, Gradient fine wool, Heritage,Nature, Nautilus, Queen, Royal, Stone & Tosh Fire RetardantA fabric made entirely of wool doesn’t readily catch fire. Even if it does, it burns slowly and self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed. Maintenance friendlyWool […]

Looking for the right color for your interior project?

A custom hand-tufted carpet offers a lot of options, both in choice of material and color.Within each material there are dozens of colors to choose from.Below is an overview of the available materials & matching colors.


Are you looking for some specific BIC information? Below you can find the answers to some specific questions. Don’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out through mail: or through phone: +32 56 23 54 10. How will the finishing of my new carpet look?Did you know that all our finishing is done […]

Handtuft put into practice

At BIC Carpets, we believe a rug can transform and bring any space to life. Our experienced inhouse design team will work closely with you to create a bespoke handtufted carpet that is just for you. Designing a completely new rug is a very involved process and so we ask you to get in touch […]

BIC Stone: 45 years an iconic carpet

Wool is hypoallergenic: it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. Its complex coiled structure gives it great resilience, so you can count on wool to keep its shape. Wool is naturally flame resistant. Wool has balanced thermal insulation: it feels warm in winter and cool in summer. It is a totally natural product, entirely […]

Holden – Harbor – Haven

Have you ever thought about how your home or company tells a story? That story shows your identity. The way it’s designed, the shapes & colors that are used, they are a reflection of who you are. Embracing our earthly home A luxury carpet photographed on the beach, near the ocean? YES! Meet with us […]