The benefits of wool

Wool is a natural and renewable resource. Discover more benefits below.
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Fire Retardant
A fabric made entirely of wool doesn’t readily catch fire. Even if it does, it burns slowly and self-extinguishes when the source of the flame is removed.

Maintenance friendly
Wool carpets have a natural protective layer which prevents stains from being absorbed, they also pick up less dust as they are antistatic. Wool is hypoallergenic: it is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew. Furthermore, stains can be easily removed with a little bit of water or a neutral carpet cleaner. Please carefully read the instructions of the manufacturer.

A single fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still have the power to recover and return to its natural shape.

Balanced thermal insulation
It feels warm during winter and cool during summer.

Biodegradable & breathable
When a natural yarn is disposed of it takes only a few years to decompose and can be used to put fertility into soil for crop growing. Most synthetics on the other hand, are extremely slow to degrade. Next to that, it has a large capacity to absorb moisture vapour and sweat next to the skin making it extremely breathable.

Natural Insulator
It can insulate the home providing and retaining warmth; reducing energy costs.

The natural elasticity of the yarn means it stretches well, but then returns to its natural shape, so you will enjoy your wool rug for many years.

It has a naturally high UV protection, which is much higher than most synthetics and cotton.