Designbook by BIC Carpets

The Designbook by B.I.C. Carpets

is a contemporary and inspiring array of designs for anyone with a passion for interior and tapestry.

On the one hand, it aims to show the extensive creative possibilities of our manual hand tuft collection to be a source of inspiration to architects and interior designers.

On the other hand, each design of this collection can be ordered by our B.I.C. lovers. Colors can be adjusted on request from the wide color range.

Our request? Tell us your imagination and we design it together with you!

Trip to triangle combination of fine wool and tencel handtufted rug made in portugal

Architecture of Life

A modern set of geometric and sleek stylized designs in neutral and soft colors, … Are you looking forthat little bit more?

This selection also harbors a range of black and white cartoons
to fine line drawings.

Colony of the earth

A colonial chic collection in a range of rich terrestrial tones, gentle on the eye and gentle on the feet.
Head to toe inspired by the crafts of nature alongside with the artistic interpretation of different warm cultures.

Paradise of heaven

Paradise of heaven stands for paradisiacal designs of
fauna & flora and heavenly playful designs in sparkling colors.
The child in us came to the surface when this collection was born.

Window of wealth combination of fine wool and lyocell made in portugal handtufted rug

Riches of Time

Wisdom comes with the years?
Yeah, affirmative. Beauty deepens with time? Absolutely.
Come here for the profound colors of life and the richness of the classics, all dressed up to shine like the stars.

“Dream big, think BIC”